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In this modern era where people living life compeiting with others that is why when some not get things they want achive, get dipressed and feel guilty and they think that thiere relatives and friends may angry on them and move towards suicide as it is a solutions of all problems wihtout thinking for while this steps are more painfull than the faillure Suicide Saver is a step to distract such kind of a people from suicide and it is not all about suicide it is also about our surrounding people near by us and more social issues but is not like that heare a book called "Jiyo Jindagi Josh se"( Live life with full enthusiasum) in this book writter who is also an owner of site try to potrate a situation for familly members of the person who commit suicide.suicide is not a solution of a problem , when you run away from problem it gives you trouble if you face the problem confidently than you it was not a problem it was actually exercise of mind.Sucide is small step to avoide people from suicide.

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